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Tips on how to create a more thermally efficient home

With the future of construction and design now focused on being more sustainable and zero-carbon conscious due to the climate crisis, it is not only architects, surveyors and project managers that are having to rethink the way that certain things are done but also homeowners, landlords and tenants alike.  That is why we will go [...]

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What is a dilapidations survey and when would I need one?

If you are renting a property it is normally your responsibility to keep it in good condition. Now, some light wear and tear is to be expected, especially if the property has been lived in for a long time. However, if you need help assessing the damage of your property there are professional third-party services [...]

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The Role of a Quantity Surveyor and How We Could Help You

If you are a contractor, architect or developer, then you will likely know some of the reasons for having a surveyor on your team. But what is the role of a quantity surveyor and why are they so important? In this blog post, we will explain everything you need to know about what these people [...]

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Our Team Explains The Purpose of a Feasibility Study

When starting any new project, one of the most important steps is to carry out a feasibility study. This will help determine if the idea is even viable and decide what steps need to be taken in order to make it a reality. At Blakeney Leigh, we are experienced project managers and can help you [...]

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Restoring and Cleaning Stone Facades: Techniques to Minimise Damage

Stone facades are a beautiful feature of many buildings, both old and new. However, they can become quite stained and dirty over time, which can detract from their appearance. However, getting them back to pristine condition can be a complex job that needs proper care and understanding. We are going to highlight different techniques for [...]

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Time To Replace Your Boiler: The Benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump

Replacing your outdated boiler is a sensible consideration to make with the rising energy prices and cost of living. The benefits of an air source heat pump are making them especially popular in existing homes. In this article, we'll discuss why traditional boiler systems could be costing you more than necessary and how switching to [...]

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The Importance Of Eco-Friendly Paint Options For Your Buildings

Painting is, in some ways, an activity that allows us to be more environmentally conscious. It allows materials to be upcycled and extend the life of certain elements of a property. A simple refresh is far less wasteful than replacing timber window frames, for example. However, if we are not making the right product decisions [...]

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Should We Rethink The Way We Managing Waste In Construction?

Our industry has long been criticised for its negative impact on the environment. From the emissions created by large building sites, to the mountains of unused or damaged materials produced daily, it is no wonder people are calling for a rethink in the way we're managing waste in construction. In this blog post, we'll take [...]

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How Is Mental Health In Construction UK Being Addressed?

With this industry still being very male-dominated, we also need to remember that men are three times more likely to commit suicide. Figures like that pose the question as to why more isn't being done to tackle this silent crisis of mental health in construction UK. Employees in this industry often work long hours, odd [...]

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