Regeneration consultancy: What services are provided?

Regeneration is a broad term, that in construction context, covers large-scale projects intended to promote economic development as well as small-scale works that look to improve quality of life. From creating desirable homes in city [...]

Rooftop development London: The ultimate guide

Back in 2017, Mayor Sadiq Khan highlighted the housing crisis of England's capital when he called for the pace of new home construction to increase from 29,000 homes a year to 66,000. He also reiterated, [...]

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How can you ensure your home development project meets cladding legislation in relation to fire?

After the tragic Grenfell Tower incident in 2017, a spotlight was shone on the issue of unsafe building materials in construction projects, with cladding legislation in relation to fire at the forefront of this [...]

What is carbon-zero housing? Eco-homes become the UK’s hot new property

Carbon-zero housing was once only something you’d see undertaken as a one-off project on grand designs, but now there are over 30,000 projects in the pipeline with the same ambition.  There has been talk [...]


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