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Blakeney Leigh In The Press – Affordable, Carbon Zero Homes

With the demand for housing ever-growing, we have been sharing our involvement with new projects with the London News Online.  Offering our services as part of these amazing initiatives has allowed us to develop a range of affordable and innovative solutions within the carbon zero and supported living approaches.  With a number of developments on [...]

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Sustained Quality With Blakeney Leigh – Appointed To LHC MDC1 Framework

The LHC MDC1 framework has been created to help organisations build their capacity and ensure a comprehensive range of high-quality consultancy services are being supplied across multiple disciplines.  The major benefits of this framework include: Higher service standards through access to innovative companies of varying sizes, who are experts in collaboration. Greater customer service by [...]

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What Is The Importance Of Procurement? Our Advice & Strategies

Project management is all about utilising expert skills and knowledge to achieve the most desired outcome. When there is a team, budget and schedule to run, it is important you have someone to oversee everything and ensure lines of communication are stable.  Within our project management services, we offer expertise in multiple areas from site [...]

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Top 3 Tips When Applying For Approvals For Construction

Applying for approvals for construction or ‘planning permission’ can be a bit of a tense experience. Any significant property development will require you to do so and it is vital you carry out all the necessary steps before going ahead with the build.  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your approval will be granted. This [...]

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Architecture for the Education Sector – What is Required?

There is much that needs to be considered when designing and constructing educational facilities. Buildings must be fit for purpose so that they can aid learning whilst ensuring proper health and safety.  Work carried out must also be in line with all relevant guidelines and standards. Let’s take a closer look at architecture for the [...]

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Building Towards Sustainability – How Architecture is Adapting in 2022

Sustainability is immensely important within many work sectors to ensure the future of our planet. However, it has also unfortunately been used as a corporate buzzword used in a meaningless way by companies to boost their social image. Real change towards a sustainable future comes first with real action and there have been some good [...]

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What is the Role of a Party Wall Surveyor?

If you have googled party wall surveyor, you perhaps have some understanding of the role and why it is important. However, if this is not the case then this blog will aim to explain the role in detail. It will also shed light on when one is required. Let’s get into it!  What is a [...]

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What is a PAS 9980 fire risk assessment? Keeping Buildings Fire Safe

If you are reading this, you have probably heard something about the new draft for fire risk assessments. But What is a PAS 9980 Fire Risk Assessment? It is a draft published by the British Standards Institute (BSI). It covers the fire risk appraisal and assessment of external wall construction and cladding of existing blocks [...]

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Revit vs AutoCAD Comparison: Understanding BIM and its Uses

In order to find the best computer-aided drafting (CAD) program, you must look at the work you're doing and make a decision based on what suits you best. Revit and AutoCAD are both software from Autodesk produced for designers and engineers.  Although they can integrate each others’ work when needed, they serve different purposes. AutoCAD [...]

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What Does a Clerk of Works Do in Construction and Why are they Important?

So what does a Clerk of Works do? The role of a Clerk of Works is defined by The Institute of of Clerks of Works and Construction Inspectorate(ICWCI) as: “A person whose duty is to superintend the construction and maintenance of buildings, or other works for the purpose of ensuring proper use of labour and [...]

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