Welcome to Blakeney Leigh Ltd, your trusted Chartered Building Surveyors in Greenwich SE10. We specialise in Party Wall services, ensuring a smooth and compliant process under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. Whether you’re a property owner or adjoining neighbour, we simplify the complexities, providing professional expertise for seamless projects

Party Wall matters may arise in various scenarios, such as property renovations, extensions, or structural changes. If you’re planning construction work that involves shared walls or boundaries, or if your neighbour is initiating such projects, it’s crucial to understand and address Party Wall obligations. At Blakeney Leigh Ltd, we guide you through the process, ensuring compliance and fostering positive neighbourly relations.

At Blakeney Leigh Ltd, we navigate these sections with precision, ensuring compliance and a smooth process for all parties involved.

Meet Sam, MFPWS

At Blakeney Leigh, all our Surveyors are Members of The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors, ensuring that a level of training and expertise is maintained. As a RICS regulated firm we also follow RICS Party Wall guidance. Sam Geoghegan, MFPWS, leads our team Surveying Services. Sam has been a member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors since 2016 and has carried out over 200 domestic and commercial Party Wall Awards. Get in contact with him should you wish to know anything further.

If you are carrying out any kind of extension including loft you will need to check if your works are Party Wall notifiable and serve your adjoining owners (neighbours) suitable notices. If you are unsure, we can provide a no obligation review of your plans to check what if any notices are required.

If so, the works may fall under the Party Wall Act and require them to serve you appropriate notices to protect the Party Wall. If you are unsure if the proposed works a notifiable, please email us a copy of the plans and we will carry out a free no obligation check.

Section 1: Line of Junction

  • Involves building on or at the boundary line between two properties.
  • Relevant when constructing a new wall or making structural alterations to an existing shared wall.

Section 2: Building on the Line of Junction

  • Specifically addresses the construction of a Party Wall on the boundary line.
  • Outlines the process for building a new Party Wall directly on the boundary.

Section 6: Adjacent Excavation and Construction

  • Deals with construction work on an owner’s land that might affect an adjoining owner’s property.
  • Covers measures to prevent damage during construction, particularly relevant for deep excavations and foundations.

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