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What Is A Lead Paint Survey And Why Do We Offer It?

With prolonged exposure to this harmful substance, the impact on people’s physical health can be significant. We now offer a service here at Blakeney Leigh to tackle the issues surrounding this. But what is a lead paint survey and why do we offer it?  In the past, lead was added to paint in order to [...]

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The 6 ways you can measure the success of your London construction project

While there are many different indicators of project success, it can be hard to know which ones need to be considered during construction or after completion. The way you measure the success of your London construction project will depend on its size and type but many factors will remain constant. These are the things that [...]

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What are the benefits of surveying with a drone? The 10 need to knows

Drones are powerful tools and have become widely used within the construction and surveying industry in the past few years. As technology advances so too do the capabilities of our team of experts, utilising the drones to perform 3D mapping, land surveys, photogrammetry and topographic surveys with a birds-eye view. There are many benefits of [...]

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